Montag, 12. April 2010

No Breakfast at Tiffany's

oder Wie Verkäufer bei Tiffany Kunden vergraulen:

I wanted to buy some earrings in the Tiffany shop in 5th Avenue.
The sales professional C. M. attended me.
300$ was the price he told me.
When I wanted to pay he noticed that the correct price for the earrings was 325$. But because he had told me before the price of 300$ I needed only to pay this amount.

I was glad to hear that and gave him my credit card to make the deal.
But now it got weird. The sales manager tried to use my card but came back with the information that my credit card was declined. He tried with my second credit card, but the result was the same.
He even tried with my husbands credit card but again the same result - card declined.
I had not enough cash and so I could not buy the earrings.

We had payed in other shops with this cards just half an hour before.
For sure we were worried about the card problem, went to our hotel, checked our bank accounts online, called the bank in Europe, but everything was OK.

Here my question:
was the sales professional C. M. not able to use the credit cards correctly or did he not like to use them in the correct way because of the problem with the price difference?

I am really displeased that something like this can happen at Tiffany's.

Kind regards

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